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Timo Products

Timo Products™ Emoticon Pixel Alarm Clock

Timo Products™ Emoticon Pixel Alarm Clock

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It's time to wake up! What could be better than being woken up by our brand new Emoji Alarm-Clock Light!


  • ​The clock has been designed with absolute simplicity in mind and is very easy to operate. Perfect for adults, children, teens, seniors, and the elderly.
  • The alarm clock support customer to set 2 alarms for himself, one for the working day, one for a day off. It will automatically switch the corresponding alarm setting.
  • Unique reminder setting, if you want to stay on your comfy bed more minutes but are afraid of late for work, then our alarm clock will fix the problem for you, just shake it twice at the moment when it rings at setting time it will stop ringing and ring again after 5 minutes.
  • When the bell rings, press the top button to turn off the alarm for the day.
  • Not just a clock, it is also a night light with the function of voice control.
  • Cute and delicate cartoon style, the screen can show cute emojis, perfectly fitting your bedroom, office, living room, etc...
  • Can be used for one week on one charge.

Version Description:

  • Number of alarm clocks: 2 groups of alarm clocks
  • Alarm ringtones: 5 kinds of ringtones
  • Snooze function: Yes
  • Volume adjustment: Yes
  • Sound control: Yes
  • Brightness adjustment: Yes
  • Expression: Yes
  • Display temperature: Yes

Emoticon Pixel Alarm Clock Multifunction shutdown instructions:
Standard model: Long press the top switch and the "+" on the back, press both buttons simultaneously
Upgrade model: long-press the top switch and the "+" "—" on the back, press the three buttons simultaneously
It needs to be connected to power to activate after shutting down, which means it can be turned on by connecting the charging cable


  • Dry cleaning by hand.


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